St. Mary’s Hospital Designated as a Primary Stroke Center

In yet another step in providing the community with the most comprehensive health care services available, St. Mary's Hospital, has been certified by the State of New Jersey as a Primary Stroke Care Center. This special status is only given to hospitals that meet strict national guidelines for the rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke and have acute stroke teams available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a potential stroke patient comes into St. Mary's Hospital, a stroke code is called to immediately alert a team of highly trained experts. All of these different specialists work together to give stroke patients the most comprehensive, highest-quality care possible. St. Mary's excellent neurologists are also supported by "Specialists On Call," which provides additional stroke expertise via telemedicine. Plus, our newly upgraded Laboratory has leading-edge equipment (only available in five other locations nationwide) that gives faster test results for our critically ill stroke patients.  This lets doctors know sooner than ever before if anticoagulation therapy, or "clot busters," need to be given when seconds make the difference.